Saturday, May 15, 2010

Basic French Toast

I know what you're thinking.....why is she putting up a French Toast recipe when everyone in America knows how to make French Toast. Can I be honest here? Before this morning, I did not know how to make good french toast. Any idiot can brown bread in egg batter (even me!), but I learned today, the flavor of the batter is key! It has been like 20 years, and yes I'm old enough to where that number could be accurate, since I have made traditional french toast. I do make a great flaky toast, which I'll post the recipe for on here eventually because it's a must-share! When I was a kid, I really had no idea what I was doing, and apparently neither did anyone in my family, because nobody told me the good way to make the batter.

We're breakfast people around here. I should say, my husband and I are breakfast people. Only at home though, we don't go out for breakfast since discovering it's so much better made in our own kitchen, rather then spending $30 on overdone eggs and bacon that is so crispy it crumbles at first bite. My kids don't eat much for breakfast. They stick to yogurt and the occasional scrambled egg. But they won't go near pancakes, french toast, or waffles. Whose kids are these? Their loss! So, my super sweet husband tells me the other day how much he loves french toast. And me being the person I am, I nearly got in the car right then to go get the stuff to make it for him for breakfast. I'm a husband pleaser, sue me. So, the next day, I got the proper bread at the market, specifically, French Toast Bread that is thick, soft, and truly divine if I might add. My regular grocery store doesn't sell thick bread of any sort (?), which explains why I've never made it before in the 7 years I've been with my husband. I had to go to another store nearby for thick bread, but it was worth it. This morning, I got out the bread and on the back of the bag? A recipe for, yes you guessed it, Basic French Toast. Made it according to the recipe, and it was absolutely heavenly. In love!

Here we go:

Basic French Toast for Dummies (yes I added in that last part):

This recipe makes 2 slices of thick toast, so double/triple/quadruple accordingly

1 egg
2 Tablespoons milk
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

In a shallow bowl, combine the egg, milk and vanilla. Coat the bread. In a large skillet, melt the butter, brown the bread to golden brown. Serve topped with syrup, powdered sugar and fruit if desired.

Photographic evidence of this deliciousness:

I'll be making this again tomorrow. :)

Bon App├ętit



Amy Sue said...

I'll have to try this! I usually put in Cinnamon, but I'll have to try it with Vanilla. Looks great Katie!

Danielle said...

I made this this morning. It was delicious!

Jamie Willow said...

oh yum, i'll have to try it! because I like you have never made it like this...thanks for sharing!

Katie Beth said...

Relieved I'm not the only one! I just never knew to put Vanilla in! I actually put a little more then the recipe called for this morning when I made it again. It was delish! So, a dash more of the vanilla is a good idea. :)

Mrs.M said...

I LOVE french toast! I put vanilla & cinnamon. :) I make a full breakfast at home a lot (3-4 a week)so I've had to perfect it. I also don't like to go out for breakfast! If we do, I don't EVER get breakfast food. I'm not a breakfast person, unless I'm making it. ;)