Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The lazy man's guacamole

There are TONS of amazing ways to make guacamole. I am sure other ladies on this blog will post recipes that will make you drool and challenge your culinary skills all at the same time...but not me! I am posting a recipe that the laziest of lazy lizards could do.

It's simple.

Cut up two Avacado's and smash them with a fork.
Poor in a dollop of salsa and mix it all together.
Salt it a little, add some pepper and EAT!

I love the cheap store brand chips. They work as good as the fancy expensive ones for this delightful dish.

This is what I just had for dinner. Yup, it's so good it's all I eat when I make it. I took a pic with my cell phone...I am dedicated to this blog or I wouldn't have even paused for that long before devouring! :)




Jodi said...

Looks delish, Jamie!

Amy Sue said...

I love guacamole!!!

Mrs. B. said...

Yes! I love this quick trick. I also put a little packaged taco seasoning in (Taco Bell brand), fresh cilantro and lime juice. It doesn't take much longer and it adds just a bit off freshness to it.