Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mayonnaise Alternative

I'm on a quest to lose this baby weight. Which leads to a quest for decent tasting, healthy foods.
Putting together my turkey sandwich (on whole wheat, with spinach) yesterday, I just couldn't bring myself to slather the toasted bread with a dallop of white saturated fat goop (aka. mayo).
I spotted my bowl of avocados. Lightbulb!

I sliced that puppy up and mashed it with a fork. Threw a little salt and pepper on it and put it on my sandwich. It added taste and the mayo texture without all the hydrogenated oils.
Simple (and maybe something you have all done, in which case I'll feel lame for posting this like it's new info) and yummy.

Mrs. B.


Katie Beth said...

SUCH a fantastic idea, Ashley! You could probably even mash a tiny bit of olive oil in with it, or a balsamic dressing to give it a more spreadable consistency. I'm so trying this! Thanks!

Laura said...

I like to mix mashed avocado with a tiny bit fresh garlic and little greek yogurt and put that on sandwiches or use it as a dip with veggies. It's yum. Good idea, Ash.

Jamie Willow said...

oooh! good idea!

Mrs. B. said...

Great ideas, Katie and Laura! It was a little chunky but I didn't mind. I was spreading it on toasted bread so I wasn't worried about tearing bread up.
I'll try the olive oil/yogurt idea next time!