Sunday, April 18, 2010

Simple and Tasty Oven Roast

You will need:

Roast...whatever size you want to use is fine, as long as it fits :) I usually do about a 2 lb roast for 3 people and some left overs. I've also done a 5 lb roast and it was the same cooking for the type of roast...I've done several types and they all turn out great, so pick whatever type you enjoy.

1 box beef broth (or a couple cans of the beef consume)
3 cans cream of mushroom soup
2 onions cut into chunks
10-12 potatoes cut into thirds
10 carrots cut into fourths (you can do more carrots, they are SO good! as many as you have room for...)

Put it all in a roasting pan with a cover (probably don't have to keep it covered but that's how I did mine).

Cook for 4 hrs at 350 degrees. I think the low heat, the long cooking time and added moisture are what make it so good :) A couple people told me I should have added a box of onion soup mix...I'll try that next time. I figure the actual onion was enough onion for my own taste...but I'm sure the mix makes a great flavor if you want that.

oh yes, I added salt and pepper on top while cooking, lots of pepper cause I like spice...although it really wasn't spicy in the end.

Happy cooking!


Mrs. B. said...

The carrots are my fave part too, I always add more. :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a great recipe. Also great to use in a crock pot (to cook on low for about 8 hours). The onion soup mix does work really well for the onion substitute.

Jamie Willow said...

I need to get a bigger crockpot so I can try it that way too...mine is way to small right now.