Thursday, March 18, 2010

A danish perspective..

When Katie told me she was creating this blog, I was overly excited! This is something that I have wanted to do be part of for some time.. My name is Stephanie, I am the mother of a two year old boy and the wife of a American husband with Sicilian roots, so lasagna is a big deal in our house. I came to this country almost 2 years ago from Denmark, a place that has a very different food culture than the US.

My relationship with American food is diverse, I love it, loathe it, am in awe at how courageous people are with experimenting with cooking and simultaneously disgusted at what I call the american way of assembling a meal from ready made products (Chili does not come out of a can - it comes out of a very yummy and delicious smelling pot on the stove..) I will contribute here with my take on some classic American dishes, my love for VERY spicy food - especially Thai inspired stuff, and with some low-fat versions of well-know dishes. I love hearing what people have done with my recipes and where improvements can be made!


- Stephanie

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