Sunday, March 28, 2010

oh yeah, I can cook...kinda :)

So I'm the least likely to be apart of a cooking blog...I am okay with a recipe and I learn fast but it does not come natural. So when I do accomplish something in the kitchen it is kind of a big deal...

My sister is the queen of throwing anything and everything together and having amazing meals. My mom is pretty much the same. Me...not so much. The last time I just "threw" things together it was bad. Very very bad. So needless to say I will stick to recipes that work and I will glean from those around me and find more ideas and ways to keep my family well fed. (my husband claims to enjoy the taste of burnt bread and is to kind)

All that to say....if I post a can bet it's easy and will be hard to mess up :)

Here we go!


1 comment:

Burkinator said...

You always pulled off green bean casserole and the Rollo glory cookies pretty well. Getting the turkey legs open was where the wheels came off the wagon. ;)