Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taco Pizza: Shocking Toddler Favorite

The grown ups liked it too :)

I used a pillsbury pizza crust...just rolled it out.
Cooked the dough at 400* partially (like 8 minutes) before layering it with:

1st layer: Refried Beans
2nd layer: Diced tomatoes
3rd layer: Taco Meat (ground beef and a taco seasoning packet)
4th layer: Shredded Cheese
5th layer: Diced Olives

(I added a 5th layer of pizza sauce but honestly I did not like it, I would rather have left it what you want...if you do add it then put more cheese on top!)

Cooked it for 10 minutes until the cheese was melted

While it was still warm I dropped dollops of sour cream on top, once they sort of melted with the warmth of the pizza I spread it around lightly (so as to not mess up how pretty it all was)
Then I added a layer of shredded lettuce.

Options: add salsa, a dollop on each slice. add broken up frito's to the top.

Here's a picture of my 14mo old son devouring it. I expected him to turn up his nose but he ate two slices!


Jamie (and Judah)


David's Mom said...

Sounds like a great recipe, and what a cute picture of Judah!

Have a great night!


Katie Beth said...

YUM, Jamie! I'm going to have to try this!

Burkinator said...

Yum! For sauce, I've used the Old El Paso taco sauce that is thinner than salsa. It's more like Taco Bell sauce.

Pepper said...

Jamie, I learned one HUGE lesson with Nova the child that eats nothing. I didn't think anything of cutting out mac n cheese and other things he had shown interest in. I figured there were healthier things out there. Now what has happened as he gets older and more opinionated is that he is not willing to try anything new and will only eat a handful of things. What I am trying to say is good for both of you that he is eating fun stuff and keep him to it. Keep introducing like a new food every day to see what he will eat.

Recipe looks GREAT!

Jamie Willow said...

The hardest thing is getting him to take the first bite :) once I wrastle him into getting that first bite in, he pretty much likes most things...I'm just going with it for now! lol :)